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Member Reviews

"I attended the 10th-anniversary meeting of W.O.W. in September. Listening to Barbara Ringrose speak about her "exit strategy" and how, in her 60's, she was starting her new business venture, left me feeling inspired, with millions of ideas floating in my head. Several weeks later, I had a consult with Barbara. At the conclusion, I had a clear direction, numerous connections for me to reach out to, and ideas to further develop. Barbara instilled a confidence in me that I feel ready to start my own Nutrition Coaching practice. I am so grateful for Barbara's wisdom and guidance. It would have taken me months to get to where I am after just one consult. She is a great leader and mentor."
Joni Rampolla
“WOW is a fabulous way to connect with Carroll County’s women in business. Meetings are warm, low-key, and low-pressure, during which EVERY attendee is given an individual spotlight to promote her business, tell her story, or announce an upcoming event in the community. Barbara has generously given her time and efforts to this endeavor, not only choosing venues that are varied, interesting and fun, but consistently creating a welcoming atmosphere that promotes goodwill and mutual support.”
Fran Bartels
Of all the networking groups that I have tried and participated in, W.O.W is the one that I feel has the most value. The meetings are well attended, the speakers are amazing, what I learn from the other members and the resources provided by W.O.W are things I use and refer back to. The networking is always fun and the other women make me feel respected and seen.
Jennifer Lleras