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Welcome to the dedicated Health and Wellness and overall WOWNESS page on W.O.W’s website, where we celebrate and share insights from the remarkable women within our group who are experts in fostering well-being, providing a platform for their expertise and experiences in the realms of health and wellness and, well – WOWNESS!

Joni Rampolla

Unlocking Healthier Habits in Celebration of National Nutrition Month

By Joni Rampolla, MBA, RDN, LDN/ Dietitian and Founder of Nutrition Coaching 4U, LLC As March rolls in, so does National Nutrition Month, a time everyone is invited to learn about making informed food choices and developing healthier eating, physical activity and wellbeing habits. As a dietitian, I am thrilled to empower individuals to take the steps towards greater health through mind and body activities. This month offers the opportunity to reflect on our current eating habits and lifestyle choices. It is about more than just what’s on our plates, it’s about embracing holistic wellness. Taking small steps each day can lead to significant changes over time. One simple yet effective approach is to aim for progress, not perfection. Even a 1% improvement each day can lead to remarkable transformations in the long run. So, what is your 1% change? It could be as straightforward as adding an extra serving of fruits or vegetables to your meals, swapping sugary snacks for healthier alternatives, or committing to drinking one more cup of water each day. Perhaps it is integrating an additional 1,000 steps into your daily routine, whether it’s a through a brisk walk during a lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The beauty of National Nutrition Month lies in its inclusivity. It’s a time for everyone to come together, regardless of age or background to prioritize health and wellbeing. It’s about celebrating progress, no matter how small, and supporting each other on this journey towards healthier living. It aligns well with W.O.W.’s mission, encouraging the unity of women and fostering a supportive environment to nurture our entrepreneurial or business endeavors.
As we navigate through March, let’s embrace the opportunity to explore our relationship with food and physical activity. Let’s empower ourselves to make positive changes, one step at a time. Together, we can cultivate habits that nourish our bodies, minds and spirits, laying the foundation for a lifetime of wellness. Here is to a month of growth, learning, and newfound vitality. Happy National Nutrition Month to the wonderful ladies of W.O.W.
Laurel S. Brennan
Root Cause Therapeutics, LLC
[email protected]

Laurel Brennan

Laurel Brennan is the founder and owner of RootCauseology where she helps woman optimize their brain health and reduce dementia risk by creating therapeutic partnerships and addressing root causes. She is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with a master’s degree from Texas Woman’s University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Roanoke College. Laurel is also a certified health coach, registered yoga teacher and functional medicine practitioner. She trained at Apollo Health and is a ReCODE 2.0 practitioner helping clients implement Dr. Dale Bredesen’s brain health protocol.

In all areas of her work, she is a facilitator guiding clients, patients or students toward wellness by creating an environment with a “Just-Right” challenge. She has a love for people, a passion for lifelong learning and feels honored to walk hand in hand with others on their health journey.

She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 and chose to address root causes rather than opt for pharmaceutical intervention. Her mother died from dementia in 2019 following years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome thus leading to a particular interest in the connection between autoimmune disease and dementia. The learning, healing and love shown by others on her personal path motivates her to be that beacon of light for others going through similar challenges.

She loves spending time hiking, walking and talking with girlfriends, community gardening, composting and looking for little daily joys. She lives in Westminster with her husband, three children, father and canine buddy, Rocco.