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Women Optimizing Women- The Mission

Simply stated, W.O.W’s mission is:  to build relationships, establish rapport, refer and receive business to increase revenue, and provide support and guidance.

W.O.W is a business community comprised of a diverse group of women business professionals, and self-employed women, and includes areas of government as well  as women-based non-profits.  Experience a professional setting both in person and through the use of technology using a combination of applications.     Technology has catapulted us forward changing the dynamics of how business is done today.  Learn how W.O.W can help you and what skills you can share with others while driving your business forward.

Knowledge within the membership is vast and the women are highly skilled.  Both the Founder and other members offer decades of sales, marketing, and leadership experience.  Learn how to market and brand your business.  Comprehensive and competitive skills can be learned and we are here to help you.  Your business will be showcased in a variety of ways including social media, recorded conversations, chats, and newsletters as well as this website.  W.O.W’s history began as a small local networking entity with an emphasis on building relationships and has grown to five hundred members with the anticipation to grow exponentially across the United States.  Members currently span over six states.  W.O.W also offers a closed Facebook page to offer additional communications, support, chats, awareness, upcoming events, and opportunities.

Join the W.O.W momentum and get into the driver’s seat today. There is no looking into that rearview mirror-you are headed in the right direction now with W.O.W!  Don’t wait or delay this great opportunity. Our skilled team will follow up with you as promptly as possible to help you to join in this valuable opportunity.  At W.O.W, we look forward to the pleasure of your company!