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We appreciate and honor all of our non-profit partners, they are an integral part of the W.O.W Network and we hold them in such high regard for all that they do. 

Build the strong foundation your nonprofit needs to effectively serve your community. Strengthen your management, operations, and governance. Stretch your dollars and maximize your budget. Advocate for your mission. Make connections and collaborate with other like-minded women.

Brian Safe Haven

Lilian Hardie, founder of Brian Safe haven

Hi, I’m Lillian, the CEO of Brian Safe Haven. I am a passionate advocate for servicing and strengthening communities. My mission is to build an infrastructure of assets within my community, fostering self-sufficiency
and empowerment.

Beyond my professional role, I am a loving wife, a proud grandmother, and a devoted mother. My love extends not only to my family but also to the broader community I am part of. The genesis of Brian Safe Haven lies in the memory of my beloved son, Brian, who tragically passed away due to a
respiratory disease in 2016. His untimely departure left an indelible mark on my heart, fueling my commitment to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

In Brian’s honor, I founded Brian Safe Haven with the vision of creating a haven for those in need with in our community. This organization represents my deep expression of love, a way to channel grief into a force for good. Through Brian Safe Haven, we provide essential services, support, and resources to individua ls and families facing various challenges, such as homelessness, poverty, and mental health issues

With unwavering determination, I lead a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers who share the same passion for uplifting others. Together, we strive to build a strong and compassionate community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential. As the CEO of Brian Safe Haven, I am driven by the belief that true progress is achieved through collective effort and collaboration. By empowering individuals and fostering self sufficiency, we can create a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve, enabling them to regain hope, dignity, and a brighter future.

In memory of Brian and inspired by the love I hold for my family and community, I continue to dedicate my life’s work to Brian Safe Haven, serving as a beacon of hope and compassion for all those in need.

Contact:  (443)-500-11139 | [email protected]

Macbeth Academy

Macbeth Academy was founded in 2018 by Kayla Solinsky. Macbeth Academy is an educational enrichment program for low income families in Maryland. The organizational mission is to empower all students to create, to achieve greatness, to think deeply, and to improve the world around them.

Macbeth Academy offers STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and
mathematics) community programs that encourage the academic pursuits of K-12 students. Bright Minds is a weekly no cost tutoring program. Each week, students receive homework support, practice writing skills in the student newspaper, and learn from world-class guest lecturers. All educational enrichment happens through the use of laptops and iPads to help students develop digital skills. In addition, the Tell Your Story event is a program where students learn how to tell stories from community-respected news anchors, journalists, poets, musicians, artists, and writers.

Macbeth Academy is dedicated to making the community stronger through community partnerships.

Address: 255 Clifton Blvd, suite 313, Westminster, MD 21157

Contact:  412-995-0284 | [email protected]

The Marriage and Relationship Education Center (MREC)

women owned non-profits

Founded in 2004 at the encouragement of dozens of local and regional community leaders, MREC is the state’s first nonprofit initiative dedicated to using a proactive approach to strengthening marriages and families.

MREC offers programs and events that benefit students, couples and families, raising awareness of the value of healthy marriage and family on community well-being. Among those programs are: Preparing for Marriage (for seriously dating, engaged and newlywed couples), Adventures in Marriage (for couples in all stages of their relationship), Mission Possible (for families), date nights, and couple coaching

In addition, MREC’s Healthy Choices workshop for students is presented in health classes in every high school in Carroll County, helping students learn more about confidence and self-worth, social media literacy, interpersonal and social skills, self-care, suicide prevention, conflict, bullying, violence and the benefits of making healthy choices, as well as how to recognize the red flags of an unhealthy relationship.

MREC has a strong relationship with the community and relies on community partnerships.


Address:  MREC, Carroll Nonprofit Center-Suite 204,

255 Clifton Blvd, Westminster, MD 21157

Contact:   410-386-9003 | [email protected]

The Shepherds Staff

The Shepherd’s Staff is a privately-funded 501(c)(3) organization serving those in crisis in Carroll County. As a nondenominational Christian Outreach and Support Center, we continually strive to effectively respond to people in their time of need, particularly when they find themselves in situations where they may have nowhere else to turn.

We focus on providing temporary assistance to resolve short-term problems, while empowering people to seek more permanent solutions for social and economic self-sufficiency.

Our doors are open—from listening with compassion and offering fellowship to providing financial assistance and medical support. Our Staff and Board of Directors concentrate on even the smallest kindnesses to facilitate a sense of peace that is often the first step toward relieving a crisis and begin healing.

To do all this and more, we rely on financial and in-kind support, volunteerism and prayers.

With the support of our donors, volunteers and the community, The Shepherd’s Staff meets the needs of others with Gifts of Hope.

Your Gifts of Hope helped 4,463 individuals and 1,993 families in 2022 alone!

Address:  PO Box 127, Westminster, MD 

Contact:   410-857-5944 | [email protected]