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Women Optimizing Women ™

Join the ladies of WOW.  Bring your talents and success to other women – much like you – and inspire, dare to follow your dream, and build your business – together – WOW WORKS!

Meet our members and how they can expand your business!

Member Benefits


Join our monthly Newsletter for networking & fellowship. Get connected to industry bosses & like minded women pursuing their dreams.


Get connected to our many exclusive resources. Align with like minded women and use our network to grow and succeed.


Find the support and fellowship  at one of our many networking events. Build friendships and confidence with other driven business women.

  • Inspirational and informative Blogs by Founder
  • Live Monthly Virtual Meetings designed to  inform and educate you to build your business
  • Monthly Newsletters  showcasing several business and business-related topics
  • Podcasts showcasing W.O.W concepts
  • Calendar of events to network both online and in person
  • Live monthly conferences designed to help you grow and learn about other businesses and topics for success
  • Recorded member interviews introducing  members just like you to learn from their experience and knowledge
  • W.O.W exclusive group Facebook Page and chats to reach others
  • Access to W.O.W members 
  • Annual Consultations

"The most valuable asset I gained from W.O.W was a community of women in different stages of life seeking to make a difference in the world bigger than just themselves."

Out & About With W.O.W

Take a peek inside our Network


W.O.W (Women Optimizing Women) brings together businesswomen looking to grow their professional network to attend in-person or virtual monthly meetings. The W.O.W mission is to build relationships, establish rapport and trust, refer business, and provide support and guidance. Business education and discussion of various topics will aid in knowledge and resources from like-minded peers. W.O.W brings networking to you in a way that is unique offering opportunities for promoting and inspiring women of diverse business backgrounds connecting you with other women all at an affordable price to fit your budget!  Three levels of membership are available:  Specialized (Non-profit and Government), Essential (same features as Specialized for most members), and Essential PLUS (same features as the two other plans PLUS 2 hours of consultation time).  We know our strength and realize we can make a difference in our career path. We empathize with the needs of the community donating 10% of the annual membership fees to non-profits, so we can have a meaningful impact.

 W.O.W  is a professional networking organization that aims to empower and support businesswomen in their professional journeys. Here’s a breakdown of the key points in the mission and offerings of W.O.W:

  1. Networking Opportunities: WOW provides a platform for businesswomen to connect with each other, either in person or virtually, through monthly meetings. Networking is a valuable tool for building relationships and expanding professional connections.
  2. Mission: The core mission of W.O.W is to foster the growth of professional relationships, establish trust and rapport, refer business to each other, and offer support and guidance. This demonstrates a commitment to helping members succeed in their careers and businesses.
  3. Business Education: W.O.W offers business education using the talents of all the members and founder as well as insightful topics with open discussions on various topics. This helps members gain knowledge and resources from their peers, promoting personal and professional growth.
  4. Affordable Membership: W.O.W offers its services at an affordable price to cater to a wide range of budgets. This inclusivity allows women from diverse business backgrounds to join and benefit from the network.
  5. Strength and Impact: The organization believes in the strength of women in the business world and their ability to make a difference in their career paths. This mindset reflects a commitment to empowerment and professional growth and knowledge.
  6. Community Support: W.O.W shows its commitment to social responsibility by donating 10% of the annual membership fees to non-profit organizations. This not only benefits the community but also demonstrates the organization’s values and commitment to making a meaningful impact beyond professional development.

In summary, W.O.W is a networking and professional development organization that emphasizes the growth, support, and empowerment of women in business. Its commitment to community support through charitable donations adds a meaningful and socially responsible dimension to its mission.

Through one we grow stronger.  Enlightenment is not just one person, one town, one State.

This recent recognition is the collective efforts of women, businesses, non-profits, communities, and a host of ideas, accomplishments, and opportunities we share with one another. Together, we will compile unique and informational concepts and links to acquire success and knowledge and learn new skills. We will create strong bonds and connections. We will collectively take WOW to a new level while keeping it both personal and professional.