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Authors Corner

Therefore, an ‘authors corner’ has been created for members of WOW who have published books, provide ‘coming soon’ writings, upcoming seminars, conventions, and lectures as well as inspirational thoughts and comments. We will include several indie book stores and spread the joy of reading the many genres for your reading pleasure and provide stimulation for the gray matter in your brain – get ready to take on the task to learn something new! You will be able to purchase their accomplishments and maybe get an autograph or two. The website will grow with the intention of adding more talented writers.

The website page will be going live in the beginning of 2023! The world will soon experience these hidden talents. The mind-bending works which have emerged from the wretched wrath of months of isolation is just brewing within their pages-ready for your viewing pleasure.

WOW is all about networking with other business women to strengthen not just our businesses; but, introduce the many facets of our membership. Reading and writing are two significant components of our success.

Barbara Ringrose

About the Author:

Barbara Ringrose is a first-time author focusing on future writings and new business living in Manchester, MD. Now retired her inclination has been best self-described as ‘rebellious by nature and a non-conformist.’ Her list of accomplishments include: Non-traditional graduate of biology at Western Maryland College, a span of 22 years in mortgage lending, mother to 3 Millennial children-33 months apart, a handsome spouse, and recently adopted by a neighborhood cat named MS Kitty. A domestic Short-hair.

The story is a combination of events of love, family, and unexpected vacation challenges. The vacation ‘of a lifetime’ on one of the most internationally sought after vacation destinations; Aruba. Feel the beauty of this small island in the Caribbean and enjoy reading and meeting Aruba Joe.

Contact Info: 
Phone:  443-797-2104

Sandy Soyke

Hi, I’m Sandy and I am happy to say I have been able to fulfill a passion of mine just recently thanks to being forced into early retirement due to Covid19 complications – and that is my passion for writing.  I self published my first mini book in August of 2022  which I wrote in seven days.  It is titled “Unlocking the Magic of Crystals for Beginners”.  Then I decided I liked that one so much I turned around and wrote a full length book and had that one published in February of this year, 2023 which is titled “Unlocking the Secrets of Chakras Using Crystals”.  Both books I am very excited about and very proud of because other than a book I wrote in 6th grade, I have never been published before.  Who would have ever thought I would become a Published Author but here I am and I love it.  I spent over 32 years in the healthcare industry working in hospitals and nursing homes which I enjoyed immensely.  I also enjoyed all my second jobs especially working as a Personal Trainer and Instructor for the YMCA.  I loved teaching both children and adults personally and in classes.  It was such a joy to see them succeed in their goals.  Yes, no grass ever grew under my feet that was for sure.  I always worked two jobs and enjoyed both while raising my four beautiful daughters who are now grown and have given me five beautiful grandchildren who I just love to spoil every chance I get.  If you happen to read my books or should I say when you read my books, you will soon realize another passion of mine is crystals – hence the books.  I have been learning about crystals since about 1987 thanks to two wonderful women who became my mentors, when I started working at Howard County General Hospital: Cindy Miller and Marianne Crouse.  They both taught me so much and not just about crystals.  Anyway, thanks to them and my need to learn more I have become obsessed with the wonder of all things crystal.  I hope you will take the time to go on this adventure with me by reading my books and explore this exciting world of Crystals and Chakras.  It will be quite the ride for you and I know you will enjoy it and please go ahead and review my books for me so I will know your thoughts.  Remember, “Crystals are like Potato Chips, you can’t just have one.” – Earth Family Crystals –    Thanks everyone and remember to Smile because a Smile will go a long way!! 

Contact Info: 
Phone:  443-547-9352

Ericka Sallee, MS, PMP

Ericka Sallee is a Speaker, Author, Coach and Owner of TruSynergy, LLC. As a result of her personal and professional development coaching programs, her clients are able to identify the barriers that get in the way of achieving their goals. She loves to connect with women and organizations who are ready to move fear, doubt and the status quo aside in order to create the best version of themselves. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Frostburg State University and a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore. She uses her individual and group coaching programs, workshops, speaking engagements and other social media outlets to encourage her audience to create their best life and live it to the fullest. Ericka has developed programs and strategies to address challenges in the workplace, navigating organizations to be dynamic, diverse and driven to focus on the human experience, not just the bottom line. She has served as moderator and panelist for the 2018 and 2019 Women’s Leadership Forum hosted by Maryland Public Television (MPT) and serves as co-host for MPT pledge drives. As a guest on multiple podcasts, delivering various keynote addresses and managing her diverse client base, she uses her voice to create transformation. Ericka released her first book, Pathway to Purpose: Find It. Follow It. Fulfill It., in 2018 and is available on Amazon. She resides in Maryland, enjoys self-care, traveling, movies, good food and wine, spending time with her children, Erin and Walter. Her faith is her guiding principle and is what sustains her everyday.

Contact Info:
Web: www.TruSynergy.Org
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 410-864-2983